Saturday, April 14, 2018

Gabriele Poso - Awakening [BBE Records]

Put on the circuit via BBE Records on March 30th, 2k18 is "Awakening", the latest album by producer and multi-instrumentalist Gabriele Poso who made his longplay debut on the scene via Osunlade's Yoruba Records a full decade ago. Inspired by the birth of his eldest son Viktor and the following reflections upon his own life the Italian studio wizzard creates a powerful, organic and yet dancefloor friendly album meandering in between House riddims and African-infused vocoder ballads like the albums title track which is drifting somewhat into BrokenHouse territories whilst catering sweet, carefully played Jazz pianos, providing a mixture of Afro and Carribean elements in the uplifting groove monster "Cumbanchero" before "Adorando" gets deep into chill Downtempo / BarJazz territories and "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" opens with a most epic, funky and captivating bassline, introducing a sweet and easy SlowHouse tune sporting loads of jazzy lines and a classy, vibrant vocal hook atop a quality electronic groove. With "Words Never Work" we see Gabriele Poso present a complex, yet dope take on head bopping Funk bringing forth a surprisingly discoid breakdown sequence evoking far away memories of a well known Pink Floy lick, "The Night Falls" brings on percussive Tribal heat to the fullest, "Mi Amigo" rides on a similar vibe whilst introducing african chants and vocals, kalimba melodies and hot House beats before "Repulse Bay" presents us with a peaceful, super calm vibe for less than two minutes and "Sotto Il Campanile" sees a DeepHouse signature joined by polyrhythmic percussions and melancholia-driven guitars, coming together on a well-balearic tip with a heart for a romantic sunset attitude. Furthermore "Otro Barrio" weighs in a lovely take on House-based AfroFunk, "6 In 4" infuses some AfroBeat greatness into a 4/4 driven foundation before the 'Extended Version' of "Words Never Work" extends the original vibe to a grand finale of 8+ minutes length. Good stuff, this!


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