Friday, April 27, 2018

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 064]

Sascha Müller is back with another untitled album, number 064 in this ongoing series of longplay efforts on Super Six Records, sporting another set of 14 tracks from his studio vaults. Starting into this album on the "Intergalactic Highway" we're flying on streets build from electroid influences and proper raw ClubTechno, "AKS Imagination" weighs in swampy, clicking Ambient emitted by alien swamps, "Modern Primitive Evil (Part 3)" presents less than two minutes of Melodic Noize and heavy distortion attacks before the "Needle Drama" unfolds in a way that redefines the term MicroHouse for 2k18 whilst adding a little dubby twist to its highly defined and masterly crafted structures. With "Pure Analog Part 03" the Meppen-based producer explores hollow, polyrhythmic percussion Techno reminiscent of Plastikman's 'Spastik'-phase soundwise whilst adding an additional layer of strangely warped and filtered midrange synths, "Zebrabeat III" weighs in gooey Acid modulations atop a stripped down TechFunk foundation, the "Beat Manager" dances to floating, acidic ProtoTrance fusion sounds, "Pure Analog Part 04" deals with slo-mo Electro abstractions and raw, organic, heartwarming basslines created by vintage synths whereas "The AKS Dimensions" take us on a journey with beatless, yet Trance-inducing, spiralling modulations and fluttering noise gates. Furthermore "Zebrabeat IV" caters high class AcidTrance for lovers of the genre, "707 + 101 = MS20" makes up an interesting raw equation for stripped down, yet ravey Techno whilst "Drop Out" produces a proper seductive MinimalHouse bounce for very late night dancefloors. Finally we see "Gong Part 01" catering, well, Gong Ambient-vibes for solemn mediation before the concluding cut "Pure Analog Part 05" goes up the ElectroAcid on hyperspeed alley for dancefloors - and DJ's !!! - in full tilt mode. File under: Error Music.


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