Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Splashgirl - Sixth Sense [Hubro Music]

Making a return to the Hubro Music circuit are Splashgirl, the trio consisting of Andreas Stensland Lowe, Jo Berger Myhre and Andreas Lonmo Knudsrod which was responsible for the first ever release on the label back in 2009. With their sixth album, engineered by Seattle's Randall Dunn, the group presents a seven title spanning body of work which opens with "Carrier", an intense, brooding PostRock meets PostPunk meets Synth arrangement presenting a few ProgRock influences as well whilst the follow up "Broken" comes across as a loose, Jazz-infused arrangement of highly calm and tender nature evolving into a 4/4-driven storm before "Sixth Sense", the albums title track, presents a thundering drum foundation accompanied by a captivating Synth and string arrangement of cineastic quality and "Monsoon" reveals a noisier, grinding and slightly dissonant and Obscure Americana-infused element in Splashgirls work. Furthermore we see "Half Self" going up the mystical, folksy and naturalistic Ambient alley, "Taal Caldera" wanders plateaus once explored by classic Synth masters like Tangerine Dream and / or Klaus Schulze whilst serving a wonderful menu of piano melancholia and the final cut named "Sedna" caters more sparse piano beauty and a nervous buzz coming from multiple layers of bass-heavy synthesizers alongside loose and abstract drum arrangements for those who love their Deep Listening Music to the max.

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