Monday, April 02, 2018

Trou - To The Death [Hallucination Tapes 006]

Back to the depths of the French HarshNoize Underground with a review of Trou's cassette tape album "To The Death" which has been released via Hallucination Tapes in 2016 as a limited print run of 16 copies worldwide. With the A-side containing the full, uninterrupted title track starting off with dark, atmospheric vocals samples of cinematic quality before drifting off into slightly meandering, yet always grinding HarshNoize realms of surprisingly calming qualities we see Trou provide quite a recommendable bit of (non)musical work which is continued on the flipside with the uberly brutal "Oracle Of All Knowledge" whilst "The Grave Of The Infidel (Descent)" focuses on hypnotic, slowly vanishing low frequency pulses which are truly able to alter one's perception of space and time for however long the second track on the B-side runs. Good stuff.

Cassette artwork on Instagram!


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