Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Nadir - Nulla Cambia [Entartete Kunst]

Another relatively fresh release on the Entartete Kunst label is "Nulla Cambia", the twelve track and 26 minutes spanning debut album by a duo named Nadir which is comprised of beatmaker Astrophat and rapper / vocalist Hanzo who interestingly delivers his vocal performance in Italian and therefore is possibly the first Italian HipHop act to be reviewed on these pages. His sharp highspeed flex   perfectly accompanies the albums heavy, highly compressed beats which come across as either bass heavy and rich in detail like the killer 808-bounce "Gomiti Alti" featuring Drowning Dog on vocals as well, bring on a super classic dope instrumental vibe as to be found in the amazing skit that is "Il Galeone" or drift into darker, more threatening territories influenced by both gangsterism and echoes of Mutant HipHop in tunes like "Fra", the banging "Boxer" which uses and abuses samples taken from classical music in a close to genius way or the thrilling crimescene bounce that is "Killer Mike". Highly recommend stuff for all outernational HipHop headz.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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