Saturday, May 05, 2018

Thembi Soddel - Love Songs [Room40 Promo]

Another new one on Australia's Room40, released on April 12th, 2k18, is "Love Songs" by the Australian sound artist and electroacoustic producer Thembi Soddell, well-known and appreciated for representing the darker edge of the lands electronic music scene. To those unfamiliar with her work the 'why' becomes clear with the opening title that is "Object (Im)Permanence" slowly emerging from an intro of near silence, building up buzzing electrical tension until becoming a grinding maelstrom of overwhelming mid-frequency static and noise, eradicating braincells like an icey storm of alien, metallic bees whereas the follow up "Erasure" caters deadly DeathAmbient disturbed by one surprising, highly dynamic eruption of digital HarshNoize lasting for only a fraction of a second and "Repetition Compulsion" returns to the illusion of one being attacked by swarming alien insects once again. With "Who Is To Blame?" Thembi Soddell starts on an extremely low volume level, serving some abstract, possibly field recorded scraping and bubbling whilst treating our ears badly with harsh dynamic changes into sudden eruptions of Noize before the final "Epilogue" goes from a minute+ of silence into an immense block of mid-frequency Noize without any warning and therefore shall not be consumed using headphones for a reason. Interesting stuff, yet hard to take in due to the hefty dynamic changes.


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