Friday, May 04, 2018

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 066]

Coming straight at us with another fourteen track album on his very own Super Six Records-imprint is Germany's underground production machine that is Sascha Müller, inviting us into a new journey into his world with the intro tune "Gong 05", presenting more fragile, ritualistic Gong Ambient before "My Mother" leads straight towards the centre of the dancefloor, using pounding, Rave-infused Techno magic and a gooey, bass synth as a weapon of mass seduction whilst "Played Dead" stays on a similar path, crossing borders towards early Hardcore territories with its foundation of overly compressed bassdrums, flogging claps and raw, hoover'esque signals. The "Telecaster" is the next one, weighing in a deep, hypnotic Tech attitude, a wafting sub line and razor sharp percussion bits alongside a screaming, distinct yet minimalist main motif that might perfectly be mixed with classic likes Laurent Garnier's "Astral Dreams" and others, "773" caters some rhythmic, sci-fi transmissions and dubbed out chords from the IDM side of the spectrum, "Ambient 2" provides a sweet, playful and Plaid'esque take on the genre, "High Wire" returns to dry, fast-paced and clap-heavy Techno and "774" gravitates towards deepest, bass-induced Illbient Dub when one thinks of classics like Alec Empire's "Low On Ice" or the WordSound-label here. Furthermore "Ambient 3" continues on the beaten path of playfulness, seemingly influenced by (Neo)Classical structures, "Daddy Rip It Up" sets underground dancefloors on fire with a super stripped down MonoAcid approach, "775" fuses abstract Jungle beats and morphing, dubbed out basslines in super slow motion to a great, mind-boggling effect whilst "Ambient 4" brings forth memories of courtly dances in its polyrhythmicity. Finally the "Analog Snake Part 01" winds up to more bubbly, dry Acid madness and "776" provides exactly 100 seconds of experimental, bass-heavy Sci-Fi Ambient for a futuristic closing. Highly recommended.


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