Friday, July 06, 2018

Claudio F Baroni - Motum [Unsounds]

Returning to the Netherlands-based Unsounds label with his  new album "Motum" these days is Claudio F Baroni who is bringing forth an hour long dive into three brand new compositions, starting out with "in CirCles II" which is split into four distinct movements / sections, each of eight to nine minutes length and presenting a minimalist, yet beautiful take on Ambient, crystalline droning and harmonic perfection as well as distinct piano tones for true genre connaisseurs whereas "Solo VIII - Air" relies on the slow and continuous manipulation of organ registration knobs, pedals and manual keys which results in a faraway, blurred on subdued feel of organ tones, honking cars and the sound of large vibrating metal plates being blown over by the wind from an unknown source, creating an all embracing, yet mysterious and mystic feel in flux, like the remains of a dream dreamt seconds before one wakes up. Finally we see "Perpetuo Motum" drift off into slightly off tune, siren'esque territories, presenting a multilayered arrangement of varying, intertwining drones and string instruments of outerworldly quality, seductively triggering ones mind to start a journey that might end up in madness and mania if one is not carefully watching his or her own pathways. 

Album artwork on Instagram!


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