Tuesday, July 03, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 07/2018

01. Freddie Fresh - Return To Phantazia [Toolbox Killerz 030]
The return of two epic Trance / ProtoTrance classics. Released in 1993 and 1995 we see Freddie Fresh's legendary tunes "Return To Phantazia" and "Fantazia" being reissued on this limited to 500 copies clear vinyl 2x12", presenting a full on flashback for all those who've been raving in this era with soft, floating pads, spiralling Aicd lines and an overwhelming sense of electronic beauty that is still outstanding up to this day. Features three additional remixes including a massive Breakbeat smash by the Monstaphunkaz on the second vinyl but were all and mainly in for the original cuts.

02. Brain Killers / Family Of Intelligence - Border Line [3rd Party / Kemet]
What a banger for all oldskool Jungle headz! Three of the genres most beloved and important classics on one single 12" - "Champion Of Champions", "Screwface" and "Jungle Love" are some some of the defining tunes of Gangster Jungle / Darkside Jungle and therefore not to be missed on this re-issue for sure.

03. Various Artists [Innate 001]
With tunes from Owain K, Gilbert, Mark Hand and Lerosa we see the first 12" of the new UK label Innate presenting a selection of four exquisite tunes representing a high quality spectrum of Armchair / Intelligent Techno, DeepHouse and Detroit-influences for those who know.

04. Steve Paradise feat. Dele Sosimi - Zultan [Solido Etichetta Italiana 001]
Tribal- / LatinHouse with a twist. Pablo Fierro presents a dark and fever'ish take on the style, killing dancefloors with well seductive, ravey and ecstatic stabs remixwise and presents the main cut of this magic 12" on the A1 position whilst the 'Steve Paradise Mix' plays along the lines of being slightly influenced by DubTechno and the two additional cuts on the flipside gravitate towards the jazzy, soulful end of the House music spectrum.

05. Thomas Schumacher - Dances On Wood / Wake Up [Electric Ballroom 015]
What a surprise coming from the German producer Thomas Schumacher which I honestly haven't been following in ages. Checked this out at the recordstore out  of curiosity and was cold floored by the banging intensity of these two tunes effortlessly fusing hard hitting Techno with elements of large scale Rave and AcidTrance. Massive.

06. Proc Fiskal - Insula [Hyperdub]
After only one 12" on Hyperdub Proc Fiskal returns to the label in full on album mode, bringing forth a fifteen track take on Grime / SinoGrime which is, compared to his prior single, a little slowed down and seemingly more adjusted to the 140 bpm whilst remaining highly detailed, weighing a few short MC samples every now and then, referencing pirate radio and also in parts focusing on the producers more Ambient- / Electronica-driven side in terms of production. Check!

07. Terrence Parker - Remixes [BEER 003]
Two obviously unofficial remixes / edits created by House master Terrence Parker for tracks originally released on the ever active Local Talk imprint. The A-side sees in on remix duty for Jamie 3:26 & Masalo's "Testify", presenting a Disco-bassline driven take on Piano- / PreacherHouse whereas his variation on "I Just Can't (Get Over It)" by Art Of Tones touches more on the deeper, even more spiritual side of things whilst a hefty basslines provides a seductive, immediate drive on the dancefloor.

08. The XX - On Hold *Remixes [Young Turks]
Two interesting remix variations on The XX, brought to us by Jamie XX himself as well as by in demand producer Four Tet. Both tracks are meandering somehow in between uptempo TechHouse and (Neo)Trance musically whilst providing a blurry, dreamlike atmosphere that's able to captivate crowds easily although it needs a perfectly tuned and well-maintained club PA to make those tunes sound really excellent on the dancefloor as their overall mixdown is below par compared to other productions in this specific niche of electronic club music.

09. Natura Est - Natura Est [Ant-Zen]
See review for details...

10. David Newlyn - Collected Fictions [Sound In Silence 050]
See review for details...


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