Thursday, August 02, 2018

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 28 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Coming up with his new "Studio Works 28" album on his very own label again is Meppen's mysterious Noize creator known as Dr. NoiseM churning out a new menu of 13 times sickness for all you experimental minds out there. Starting out with "No Name Motherfukker", a mad grinding digital HarshNoize affair stretched over 14+ minutes followed by the well cryptic "3nf94mf34" which is dealing with a spatial, droney and subtle take on Cold Ambient whereas "Art Seduction" follows up on a similar, yet even more minimalist path for nearly ten minutes and "Bassado" brings forth straight up hefty digital ultraviolence for those in the know. "Bassporn" sees the producer return to a slightly altered, slowed down variation of his trademark respiratory sounds accompanied by growling, slowly shifting sub lines turning into grinding digital Noize, "Bing Bong" is more of a lively, lovely 60 second excursion into weird 8bit arrangements on hyperspeed, "Break The Fukkin Silence" drifts off into hectic uberglitch territories and "Close Your Eyes" gets down like a brutalist maelstrom on a braincell destruction thing for sure. With "Computer Death" Dr. NoiseM provides more sweeps, bleeps and distorted lo-fi madness slightly reminiscent of Lassigue Bendthaus' ill twisted Phonk at times, "Death In October" caters an endless string of decaying Noize fragments, "Franky (Victor Frankenstein)" gets lost in highly psychoactive dreams, "Geschrei" weighs in 160 seconds of spine-tingling sci-fi soundscapes and the final cut "Kalibration" evokes cold, sterile memories of Field Recordings captured in a robotic lab of the future. Nice.


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