Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Ingar Zach / Speak Percussion - Before Nightfall One [Sofa Music]

Teaming up for a collaborational album to be released on Sofa Music on August 31st, 2k18 are the prolific composer Ingar Zach and the Melbourne-based duo Speak Percussion, presenting a non-stop approx. 35 minutes long one track journey entitled "Before Nightfall One". Documenting a day-long collaboration as well as the concert resulting from this distinct, time-limited work effort we see the three musicians cater a deep, athmospheric sonic journey starting out on the basis of a dark'ish, repetetive drone movement which is interrupted by the sound of small rattling chimes moving forward into crystalline, floating bells, tender reverbs and layered, scraping mechanical sounds as well as intricate, abstract percussive sections, eruptive, explosive sequences and a grinding, screeching climax towards the end which, all combined, make this album a well interesting, yet chill listening experience for sure.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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