Sunday, August 05, 2018

Lui Hill - Lui Hill [Filter Music Group]

To be released via Filter Music Group on August 10th, 2k18 is "Lui Hill", the self-titled debut album of the German NeoSoul / NuSoul artist of the same name which has recently been announced on these pages via the video of the single "Ancient Dust" taken of the album. Inspired mostly by South Africa after quite a heapload of personal and business tragedy the album opens with the 4k Future Soul piece "5000 Miles" followed by the widescreen, Piano-led anthem "Revolver" with its distinct drum signature and a slightly stop-and-go reminiscing vibe whereas "See The Light Again" weighs in more of a Pop appeal featuring widescreen panorama synths and an upbeat dancefloor vibe before "Words Become Useless" provides 21st century Urbans Soul music for real. Facing "The Storm" Lui Hill indulges in a mixture of electronically based Future Soul and folksy guitars, "Home (Interlude)" is more of a twisted, cut-up Field Recording and "So In Between" introduces drama, tension and a hint of darkness through a stripped down arrangement led by raw vintage basslines, crashing military snares and a sweet offbeat lick. Wading "Muddy Waters" we're facing more beautiful pianos and heartfelt ballad vibes whilst "The Fall" rides a well-similar wave and the final cut  "We Don't Die" provides a calm, inward looking conclusion to this album for lovers of SoftRock infused summer sunset songs for sure. Sweet stuff.


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