Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Omsk Information & Dr. Walker - Mescaline Muzzikkk [Nona Records 018]

Released via the Czech imprint Nona Records in mid-May 2k18 is the wonderful cassette tape album "Mescaline Muzzikkk" which sees Liquid Sky Berlin head honcho Dr. Walker teaming up with long time friend and collaborator Omsk Information for an epic, nearly 70 minutes spanning live session on the occasion of the 303 Day celebrations at Berlin's #lsb02.  Bringing forth the best of Ambient / ChillOut in its most experimental sense, exploring free floating polyrhythmic electronic structures and heavily altered, possibly field recorded vocal samples alongside subaquatic sonic drifts and ever varying liquid layers of sound that might be bordering genres like IDM / Intelligent Techno at some point despite being completely unique and existing in a enclosed universe of their own bringing forth atmospheric Drone and DeathAmbient structures, defying the restriction of regular space and time whilst only being comparable to other releases from the Liquid Sky-cosmos which has brought us labels like XXC3 or legendary projects like G.E.N. / Global Electronic Network in the past. If these are familiar names to you or if you still dig Scanner's classic 1994-released "Mass Observation" LP on Ash International this is defo a must have for you. Period.

Cassette artwork on Instagram!


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