Monday, August 20, 2018

Kammerflimmer Kollektief - There Are Actions Which We Have Neglected And Which Never Cease To Call Us [Bureau B Promo]

Set for release via Bureau B on September 21st, 2k18 via Bureau B is the new Kammerflimmer Kollektief-album with the epic, and presumably way too long, title "There Are Actions Which We Have Neglected And Which Never Cease To Call Us" which caters a bunch of seven brand new songs or 'actions' all coming with a title and a place associated with it. Opening with "Action 1: Lucid, Imperial Beach" we see Kammerflimmer Kollektief starting their journey on a droney, crackling and slightly distorted 10+ minutes UnAmbient tip leading into deep, fiddly yet deeply melancholia-infused PostPostRock effort whilst "Action 2: Discharged, Quauhnahuac" brings forth a sparse, slightly naturalistic feel alongside klaxon'esque background guitars and heaps of little, yet buzzing complex movements and detailed, scraping string abuse before unleashing more of an structured (not structured) chaotic vibe with loads of distortions whilst "Action 3: Thoughtless, Hamburg" brings on a deep, mostly unaltered take on calm, beautiful and dreamy PostRock for genre connaisseurs. Furthermore "Action 4: Wasted, Ivano-Frankivsk" presents more of a laid back, dubbed out twang for hot afternoons spent on the beach, "Action 5: Resplendent, Bolinas" starts out on heavy, cut-up Noize distortion before a sudden plot twist turns the tune towards more dubby PostRock lazyness, "Action 6: Vigilant, Jerichow" provides more deep, twangy experimentation and melancholia before the concluding "Action 7: Blessed, Ermenoville" dabbles with more of a multilayered, intertwined DesertRock feel for a sweet, bluesy closure. Interesting, yet not as fascinating as their previous album "Desarroi".


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