Sunday, October 21, 2018

Bill Thompson - Mouthful Of Silence [Burning Harpsichord Records 001]

Released on September 20, 2k18 via the newly established imprint Burning Harpsichord Records is a "Mouthful Of Silence", the latest album produced by former stateside Jazz guitarist Bill Thompson who is employing the 2008-established Moog guitar for two long tracks, each one spread out over one CD of this double album. With the 41 minutes long opener "Stillness" we see the artist exploring a field of near static, micromoving Ambient built from multiple layers of infinite, interfering overtone drones which are, as a whole, both sterile and warmly welcoming as well as, due to their compositional nature, completely timeless and time stopping, able to put the listeners braincells into a freeze, unable to process the ever flowing nature of the fourth dimension anymore whilst the tune takes its course from pure droning via vintage atmospheric crackles towards a surprising Post-PostRock closing. On CD2 there's "Solitude", a 38 minute journey into oscillating sinewave movements and intense, yet crystalline and fragile soundwaves of slightly changing magnitude later accompanied by distinct guitar string sounds and an ever spiralling signal putting our minds into a trance before drifting off into calm Ambient / Deep Listening Music territories and a finale of climaxing electrical crackles and buzzing paired with ever growing levels of distortion as well as, once again, a few drifting minutes of Post-PostRock for a quiet, most beautiful closing. Excellent.

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