Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Kosmose - First Time Out (Charleroi 1975) [Sub Rosa]

Recently put on the circuit via the ever busy experimental music imprint Sub Rosa is "First Time Out (Charleroi 1975)", the full 100+ minutes recording of the first - and last - ever concert played by French band outfit Kosmose representing its initial line-up and a highly sophisticated angle towards Cosmic, Proto-Ambient and experimental, floating Space Music that are on par with, if not even beyond, their broadly recognized contemporaries like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and the likes of. A deep, psychedelic journey into the outer realms of our inner cosmos, accompanied by instrumental, oriental-infused mantras, psychedelic guitar drifts, space age synthesizers, multiple layers of marching drum infernos and screaming distortion, extended flute solos and mystic, naturalistic calm on the first disc of this 2xCD pack entitled "The 13th Untitled Track". Subsequently following on disc two is "The 14th Untitled Track", a 60 minutes sonic exploration based on a foundation inspired by traditional Ragas, wah-wah effects, icey winds blowing over extraterrestrial deserts and and more tripping, psyched out guitar workouts perfectly encapsulating the vision of a new musical vision evolving at the times. A highly essential piece of music history, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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