Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Golden Oriole - Golden Oriole II [Drid Machine Records Promo]

Released via Drid Machine Records on October 6th, 2k18 is "Golden Oriole II", the second self-titled album- / EP-format put on the circuit by the project that is Golden Oriole. Once again hitting us with two extended tracks we see the opener "The Waxwing Slain" rolling out over the course of nearly 18 minutes going straight into a full-on, seemingly partly improvised session of highly intense anti-funk featuring multiple layers of intertwined percussions including Shangaan Electro-influences, siren'esque elements and desolate, PostPunk- / (No)Wave-infused guitar works whilst employing twisted elements of Funk and Psychedelia later on before ending with an ear piercing static signal whilst "Az Prijde Kocour" rides a fully spaced out wave of complex, instrumental Sci-Fi Punk with a raw, fully untamed attitude for the wildest of teenage angst-driven parties imaginable, then suddenly breaks down into a variety of spooky, sinewave-resembling layers only to rock on even wilder thereafter. Highly energetic, angsty and full-on paranoid. And therefore great.


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