Monday, October 22, 2018

Citric Acid vs. Sascha Müller - Split Flop [Psychoflop 002]

Put on the circuit via the Psychoflop-arm of the ever active Psychocandies label is "Split Flop" a limited split release between Citric Acid and Sascha Müller which comes as a highly limited, hand-numbered edition of 16 copies in 3.5" floppy disk format with each individual floppy sitting in a defunct floppy drive as a special nod to all vintage computer technology geeks and Lobit fanatics. Storing two tracks Citric Acid opens with "Candy First", a bouncy, tripping variation of ultra lo-fi underground Techno with a hint of Acid(Trance) whereas Sascha Müller's "Nagelbrett" sees the Uelsen-based powerhouse bringing on a hard-as-nails take of spiralling Acid-fueled HardTrance for the oldskool ravers out there. Another good one for technology geeks and collectors of weird music formats.

Floppy artwork and housing on Instagram!


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