Friday, November 02, 2018

Rhytm Police - Debaser [In Gute Hände 001]

Going back to the year 2012 with this album which was given to us in Augsburg lately we're examining the first ever release of the local imprint In Gute Haende, the "Debaser" album by Rhytm Police. Comprised of the two members Leroy Schlimm, known as Leroy on Munich's Schamoni Music label, and Mycrotom the duo caters a set of seven tracks on this one, starting with the deep Electronica Blues cut that is "Gotta Lotta Low" before "Cecillia" draws influences from heavy Dancehall and UK Bass music in general beatwise whilst sending out all embracing low end signals as a deep ass foundation for yearning, and slightly broken vocals whereas "Partners In Crime" employs an isolationist, desolate P-Funk / PostPunk-Disco vibe and "Cobra Royal" weighs in a suprisingly big portion of Hi-NRG Disco overdrive. On the flip we've got "Sign" with its seductive, yet tongue-in-cheek electronic swing, distinct background offbeats and playful late night night vibe, "TV Killer" offers more mimimalistic swing for hormone-driven (No)Wave- / ElectroClash-dancefloors and the concluding "Cool Again" takes us deep into the beautiful, calm spheres of stripped down Indietronica evoking memories of labels like Digital Kranky or the early Morr Music years. One to check if you're on a journey into the deepest realms of the German underground music scene for sure.

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