Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Satoshi Takeishi - Fragments [Clang Records 063]

Released via Clang Records on October 26th, 2k18 is "Fragments", the new ten track album piece created by Japanese composer Sotoshi Takeishi. Mostly based on several rounds of improvisation on several musical instruments Takeishi starts the album with "Corrugated Realm", a musical piece that provides an intimate, spatial experience of being stuck within the inner body of the instruments rather than being an observer / listener whereas "Dust-Dirge" brings on a similarly initimate arrangement of percussive clangs and rattlings, "Futura" dives deep into realms of lo-fi, yet sci-fi bleeps and classic sounds related to retrofuturist computation as one of the most enthralling compositions on this album before "If I See You Again..." weighs in fragile, hovering improvisations on multilayered glockenspiel and xylophones as an impressive take on minimal music. "Initiation" keeps up with the percussive vibe using South East Asian instruments, the short "Futura Reprise" combines the sounds of the original track with more glockenspiel and "Fragment I" drifts off into dreamy, yet ritualistic realms for deep meditation and contemplation. Furthermore we see "El Diablo" provide more scattered, fever'ish percussive moments and strange, possibly field recorded scrapings, "Unfolding" caters more contemplative, Post-PostRock / Indietronica related sounds and the concluding "Fragment II" fuses more single note glockenspiel sounds with rattling woods and metal pieces to a well calming effect. File under: Deep Improv.


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