Sunday, December 16, 2018

Caecilie Overgaard - There Is A Home [Clang 062 Promo]

Recently released via the ever busy Clang label as their 062 is "There Is A Home", the sophomore album by Danish composer Caecilie Overgaard in which she provides a musical home for fans of experimental electronic music within seven brand new tracks spread over the course of 32 minutes runtime. Opening with "Mic Test One" we see Caecilie Overgaard mixing electroacoustic crackles with deep, psychedelic melodic shifts and an overall feel of dreaminess before the subsequent title track "There Is A Home" provides heartfelt melancholia and yearning paired with a stripped down Future Jazz attitude whereas "A Simple Mind" is built on a foundation of static Noize and beauteous, hovering Ambient / IDM melodies turning into more panoramic AmbientJazz and "Skyggeplet", the first vocal tune on this album, brings on forth a contemplative, yet hypermodernist and Electronica-driven take on Nordic Folk in all its glory and ever present mystique. Furthermore there's "Static", a highly abstract variation of polyrhythmic Phonk-based Electronica / IDM, "Nightfly" digs even deeper into crackling, perfectly sculpted polyrhythms and spatial, crystal clear tonality before the final cut named "Moondance", stretching out over 7+ minutes, fully settles in hyperfuturistic ChillOut territories with its captivating Tribal rhythms, overwhelming deep end and FSOL'esque bleeps alongside masterly crafted sound layers sweetly feeding of each other over the course of the tunes runtime. Nice.  


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