Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 075]

More goodness from Uelsen's ever busy producer Sascha Müller comes on this new eleven track album released via Supersix Records. The opening tune that is "Thermonuclear" brings forth a mere 29 minutes of gooey, experimental Acid textures in overdrive mode for exoterrestrial swamp raves and "Slut My MS20" follows on a similar path whilst adding bits of psychotic Phonk to the mix before "Pleasure With My 808" weighs in pure dry ElectroPhonk for all breakers, b-boy and pop-lockers out there. Following up is a set of subsequent tunes - from "Nummer 1" to "Nummer 4 " - which explores various variations in House music ranging from pumping HardHouse with a warped and filtered Disco-twist to clumsy, bass driven Minimal House whereas the "Wall Street Money Burners" take distorted Phonk to a next level whilst adding beautiful space synth atmospheres and economics-related vocal snippets to the mix. With "Untitled" the journey into Phonk-driven territories continues, "Raumschnitt" caters a more metallic, abstract, clanging and noisy variation on the genre and the final cut "SID On Acid" weighs in a straight, muscular 4-2-the-floor foundation garnished with a psychedelic, multi-layered take on AcidTrance for ecstatic dancefloors lit by massive strobes, laserlights and fog-machines.


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