Sunday, January 20, 2019

W/V - W/V [Silken Tofu 060]

Put on the circuit via the experimental electronic music imprint Silken Tofu as their 60th release on December 14th, 2k18 is the new self-titled two track album crafted by W/V, a project consisting of Drone musician James Welburn and composer, vocalist and Opera singer - sic! - Juliana Venter. Released as a limited to 300 copies vinyl edition the A-side of this album brings us "Concave", a 14+ minutes excursion into a grinding wall of sound comprised of droning, nerve wrecking guitar feedbacks and Juliana Venters haunted, otherworldly vocal performance which makes this one a well uneasy soundtrack for your darkest, fear-inducing nightmares whereas "Moonunit" on the flip opens on a minimalistic, slightly Dub-infused ElectroAcoustic tip only to build up layer upon layer of calm, brooding drones and alarming feedbacks as a foundation for raspy, outlandish, alienated and slightly fractured vocals over the course of its 17+ minutes runtime, making this one our favorite tune on this well recommended longplay piece. One for the headstrong. Check.


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