Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Bewider - Full Panorama [Folk Wisdom 008]

To be released via the Folk Wisdom-imprint on February 1st, 2k19 is "Full Panorama", the latest full length album created by composer Piernicola Di Muro employing his project alias Bewider for this twelve track journey. Opening with "Panorama" we see Bewider paving the way for things to come, bringing forth a soft-padded, floating and beautiful take on what could be described as AmbientHouse for late night or early morning dancefloors whereas the follow up "We Must Dream As We Act" fully touches base with Ambient lovers only to provide a few rhythmic IDM structures and lively Synth / (Neo)Cosmic modulation works throughout the last two minutes. With "People Living Deeply" Piernicola Di Muro goes even deeper into Ambient territories, "Last One Night" provides a steady pulse for classic ChillOut floors and so does "Retina" before "Sartorius" brings forth a darker, faster muscial approach meandering in between spiralling Synth and beatless, experimental HardTrance / AcidTrance for those who know. Furthermore we see "The Episode" explore a widescreen, ethereal approach towards warm, all-embracing Ambient pads and harmonies, "Latitude" caters towards those loving hovering chord progressions and "No One Ever Became Wicked Suddenly" comes across in a brooding, atmospheric way that evokes memories of the likes of Vangelis or Tangerine Dream for those who've been digging deep into the history of electronic music. The follow up "Degree Of Unpredictability" takes us back to early 90s Ambient once provided by labels like Interference Records and other long gone imprints, "La Nascita" fully focuses on a nightly, introspect vibe and turns out to be the most melancholic cut on the album whereas "Everyone Else Is Already Taken" waves goodbye in a playful, frolicking and even dancefloor friendly IDM / Electronica manner. Great stuff for all Ambient headz out there.

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