Monday, March 18, 2019

Alexandra Spence - Waking, She Heard The Fluttering [Room40 Promo]

Fresh on the circuit via the Australian Room40-imprint is Alexandra Spence's nine track album "Waking, She Heard The Fluttering", a 45 minute journey into sound influenced by both her conversations with David Toop in 2018 as well as by her own take and reflections on textures both in material and sound. Coming from this angle we see Alexandra Spence create a sonic realm built on various Field Recordings from all over Europe intermingling with raw, oftentimes buzzing and slightly electric sounding structures or, on the other hand, beautiful Ambient textures touched by echoes of the Clicks'n'Cuts genre, especially prevalent in the digital crackles of tunes like "Bodyscan". Furthermore tunes like "A Soft Crackle" bring on the exact flutter and partially unpleasant feedback Noize that one would possibly associate with the albums title, "Sleep In Nothingness" comes at us with a psyched out, tense unease meets multilayered ASMR-attitude and the 15 minutes spanning title track brings forth a highly textural, ever evolving take on Deep Listening Music partly reminiscent of Scanner's seminal 1994 "Mass Observation" piece just to pick a few tunes off of this longplayer which will be released on April 5th, 2k19.


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