Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 082]

Soon to come from the vaults of Uelsen's ever active Sascha Müller is 082 of the Supersix Records-imprint, a new twelve track album bringing forth more electronic music greatness, this time opening with a tune named "Classified Human" which comes across as a monotonous highly, brutally compressed take on oldskool-oriented ToolTechno whilst "Come Shot" stays on the path of raw, brutal compression, yet adds spiralling Acid elements, unprocessed hi-hats and epic, well uplifting Trance string arrangements turning the tune into a massive HardTrance / AcidTrance burner before "Computerrider" indulges in killer, slightly Acid-infused Dope Beats reminiscent of Fauna Flash's legendary 1996-released single "Please... May I Sniff Your Klompen Kloqquen" for those who know. With "Crispy Crackers" Sascha Müller delivers a blueprint of twisted, bleepy killer Phonk accompanied by trancey modulations, the "Cyborg Wars" are a thrilling uptempo AcidTrance affair and entering the "Dark Room" we're facing an ecstatic crowd enjoying uplifting and slightly electroid, stripped down and deep, stab-focused House Music that is not minimal at all. "Das SETI Projekt" is a playful, intelligent variation of ever morphing Spacenight Electro, "Das Spiegelbild" evokes memories of masterly scored sci-fi / horror movies in combination with classic, slightly Tribal-infused Intelligent Techno whilst the follow up named "Datentransfer" fuses clumsy, Speedy J-alike Electro Drum'n'Bass with beautiful, cascading Trance-pads to a great effect. Furthermore "Deep Space One" feels like acidic, slightly off-kilter Italian Sawtooth Techno around approx. 1992, "Deleted" fuses filtered DubTechno-chords and most miltant uptempo basslines compression and the concluding cut named "Der Augenblick Des Moments" finally waves goodbye in a soft, friendly DubTechno meets Ambient House manner. Good stuff in here.


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