Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø / Daniel Lercher / Julie Rokseth - Off The Coast [Sofa Music]

Released on the Norwegian Sofa Music-label on March 1st, 2k19 is "Off The Land", the second conjunctional album effort by musicians Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø and Daniel Lercher which are joined by harpist Julie Rokseth for their sophomore longplayer. Recorded, produced and finalized in the small fishing village of Sula / Norway the now trio presents a new serving of four tracks, opening with the title track "Off The Coast" which combines what seems to be an altered, processed Field Recording of a chugging motor with deep, yet minimalist Ambient modulations and a tender, overall approach of creating Deep Listening Music for highly focused headphone sessions whereas the follow up "Inside Elements" features the singing 80 year old Sula-resident Aksel Johansen, a regular visitor throughout the production sessions, atop a foundation of breaking waves and seemingly naturalist swell before exploring realms of electroacoustic composition, slowly moving vibrations, deep klaxon'esque sonic events perfectly aligned with the village's history and single harp chords over the course of ten minutes. Furthermore we see "Farther Away" bringing forth the calmest, most organic and all embracing low frequency Ambient vibe we've come across in ages and the final cut "Winding" relies on sinewave-based harmonies alongside single piano and harp notes to create a fragile, mystical and enchanting take on highly ethereal, levitating Ambient which works best experienced on an audiophile P.A. system in total, late night silence. Beautiful.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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