Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Antwood - Delphi [Planet Mu Promo]

Scheduled for release via Planet Mu as soon as July 19th, 2k19 is Tristan Douglas' third album for the label employing his artistic alias and nom de guerre that is Antwood. Building this longplayer around the fictional lovelorn character "Delphi", namesake for the album and so is the ancient Greek city of the same name, which he developed alongside his girlfriend Olivia Dreisinger he creates a sonic journey spanning thirteen chapters / tracks and around 45 minutes total playtime. Musically the realm revolving around "Delphi" is comprised of cut-up, ravey, experimental HyperPhonk meets ElectroBreaks in tunes like the highly captivating "Club Dread" which is quite a challenge to all club DJ's out there due to it's fucked up, filtered nature and extended, warped breakdown sequences whereas the title track indulges in a scintillating, cascading fusion of modernist Bass Music and shiny neon Vaporwave before unleashing brutalist, Electronic Metal-resembling sonic terror for a while. With "A Hostile Message" things get really psycho and evil for about 45 seconds, the "Healing Laybrinth" reveals unexpected beauty in an innocent piano miniature and the "Portal" leads into a wildly spiralling maelstrom of high speed synthesizer madness before dark choirs and twisted, brooding experimentalisms take over. Hunting the "Cave Moth" we see Antwood bringing on a sound reminiscent to Neil Landstrumm's bass excursions on albums like "Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast" whereas the "Ecstatic Dance" amalgamates beauteous (Neo)Classical string sections, angelic backgroud choirs and sweet electroid uptempo beats infused by the UK Bass scene for a captivating unique dancefloor experience just to pick a few of our favorite cuts from the album. As futurist and neon-oozing as electronic dance music can be. Get.


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