Saturday, June 29, 2019

Wabi Experience - Wabi Experience [Mikroton Recordings 074]

Coming in without further detailed press information from the Russian label Mikroton Recordings is the same titled album by Wabi Experience on which, according to the notes on the CD cover, 'no musical instruments were used during making of this album'. This approach seems to be true for the eleven tracks presented over the course of 41 minutes, although executive producer and designer Kurt Liedwart alongside the sampling and sequencing duo Federsel & Tarnovski manage to create a lively, slightly nervous and well fascinating artificial sonic realm which seems to either depict a far flung future or the musical creations of a an entity existing in a simulation within a simulation, fusing Phonk-driven Electronica with Ambient sequences in cuts like the opening tune "Never Mind" whilst bringing forth an amalgamation of dry, creepy, digital Illbient and beautiful pads as well as isolationist guitar tones in "Breaking Thumbs" whereas cuts like the "Outsider Tango" are even referencing genres like glitched out Dub in conjunction with Clicks'n'Cuts, "November Is Gone" combines atmospheric DarkAmbient and elements of ritualistic FutureTribal and "The Fourth Floor Of Sadness" brings forth a super dark, dystopian sci-fi vibe of score'esque quality just to name a few. Good stuff, this. Check.

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