Friday, July 26, 2019

Luise Volkmann / Didier Matry - Wünsche [Umland Records 025]

Saxophone meets church organ - this is the basic formula of "Wünsche", the first collaborational album effort created by this unusual duo consisting of Luise Volkmann and Didier Matry released via the ever busy label Umland Records in July 2k19. Recorded in one night in March 2k18 at the Paris-based St. Augustin church in the cities famed 8th Arrondissement the two artists create an eight track, 36+ minutes journey on this album which is somewhat meandering between intense Future Jazz, Ambient, Contemporary Classical and a fragile, slightly score'esque attitude, bringing forth both spine-tingling atmospheres like in "Wunsch #2: Materielle Existenz" as well as beauteous romanticisms most prevalent in the tender, caressing "Wunsch #3: An Blumen Riechen" whereas "Wunsch #4: Stehen Bleiben Und Schauen" creates a yearning, wistful atmosphere for lovers of inward looking melancholia. On the contrary we see "Improvisation #1" drifting into more dramatic territories, providing a brooding, intense opening sequence and high dynamic range, marking a mid-album shift in the duos approach as "Wunsch #5: Lächeln Von Fremden Auf Der Strasse" weighs in  a maelstrom'esque atmosphere well suitable for silent movies and classic black and white horror flics in terms of scoring. Following up is "Egalite", a surely more calm and peaceful variation of the duos musical work, "Wunsch #7: Mehr Tanzen" indulges in more thundering drama and FreeJazz-bordering sequences as maybe the most outstanding composition on this longplayer before "Improvisation #2" waves goodbye building up towards a climax of danger heralding nature, telling tales of all the dark things that lurk slightly beyond the visible borders of our world. Good stuff this.


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