Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tralala Blip - Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls [Someone Good Promo]

Coming in from the Australian imprint Someone Good is "Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls", the latest album release by the inclusive project Tralala Blip, a five piece group consisting of members of various abilities and disabilities who've joined forces to create a new way of musical expression. Released on July 19th, 2k19 the album caters a menu of eight tracks / songs stretched over the course of 31 minutes and is focused on the broad realm of what could be described as Electronic Leftfield Pop, opening with the dreamy glitch meets autotune-effort "Pub Talk" whereas the follow up "Voodoo Pins" presents a super catchy, seductive amalgamation of IndieElectro and over the top 80s ItaloDisco before the group is "Facing Monsters" feeding off more lo-fi ItaloDisco greatness whilst the "Star Of Hope" shines over glitzy neon signs in a kitsch-driven instrumental ballad fashion, well suitable for late night dancefloors. Furthermore we see "Voltage Flowers" in bloom, picking up on syncopated lo-fi rhythm signatures, a certain IndiePop vibe and soft, dreamy atmospheres reminiscent of early UK SynthPop, "Nightmare Lands Welcome You To" brings forth a little bit of darkness in its super blurred, shuffled mid-tempo range, "Dear Formless" surely bangs on intimate (Neo)Cosmic-related dancefloors with a sweet'ish, lo-fi 4/4-based SynthPop vibe and noisy, percussive spaced out climax and the final cut named "The Canyon" indulges in beatless, multilayered synth melodies and reverberating vocals for a soft, tender closing. Intredasting stuff, this.


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