Saturday, August 03, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 08/2019

01. Fixate v Double 99 - Ripgroove [Ice Cream Records 045]
What a banger! One of the biggest anthems of the UK Garage-scene reworked by one of the hottest Drum'n'Bass producers on earth right now inna proper, ever rolling Future Jungle stylee - a combination that could only turn out big and man, it did. Even before it was pressed on one-sided 12" vinyl this one was already making waves and defo for a reason. Instant classic.

02. Traxman - Tekvision Volume 2 [Teklife Records 009]
Teklife is quality and quality is Teklife. After we already announced this album with the massive preview tune that is "4 Da Lyfe" we see the Juke / Footwork legend Traxman provide a seminal seven track album that draws influences both from the classic Miami Bass sound of the late 80s / early 90s in cuts like "It's Lasting Bass", pays homage to classic Chicago Basement with "Work Dat Mutha Fucka *Footwork Remix", gets deep into massive GhettoHouse and brings super abstract Footwork greatness alongside Jana Rush in "Wildcard" amongst others. If you love bass you need this one album in your life.

03. Skeptical [MUSKET 001]
Skeptical is another force to reckon with in todays Drum'n'Bass scene and this one-sided, stamped 10" whitelabel proves why this is. Clean, dark'ish and super precise beats meet threatening, intense sci-fi vibes and a stripped down, slighty distorted synth motif to create a deadly weapons of choice for heaving late night dancefloors. Tune!

04. Ellis Dee - Big Up Your Chest [JUN002]
One of our alltime favourites re-released after 25 years. Back in early 1994 or even late 1993 baze.djunkiii found this classic included in one of the first ever Jungle tapes he got his hands on and this tune has been stuck in his head ever since. So seeing this one re-issued to celebrate Ellis Dee's 30 year anniversary is a big one and maybe one of the most meaningful additions to the ever growing vinyl arsenal this month.

05. Silicon Scally - Skoda Banger [Cultivated Electronics 031]
Four massive Electro cuts from genre don Carl A. Finlow employing his Silicon Scally moniker and delivering maybe his best work in years overall. The beats got the dry Phonk for real, everything is nicely stripped down and minimalistic whilst the basslines are coming straight from the dark side of the Electro genre. Perfection.

06. Clouds - Sharp Like A Razor [Headstrong Records 003]
Rave is making a large scale comeback and Clouds is defo in for it. Four tracks meandering in between humungous, strobe-lit warehouse raves, hammering Techno, classic, and classy..., oldskool sample madness and well thought out Hardcore- / Gabba-references cause nothing but pure havoc on dancefloors worldwide when blasted through big ass rigs in illegal dance gatherings at peaktime levels. Vibes.

07. Tyrone - Lunar City EP [Metalheadz Platinum 031]
A release on Metalheadz or one of the mainstays offshots is always like a seal of approval and high quality and Tyrone proves that he's worth all praise with the title track alone which fuses super precise, hard stepping beats reminiscent of the 1996 / 1997 era with large scale basslines and melodic atmospheres to create a future classic in its own right. But despite this, the other three cuts on this 12" EP are gold as well, especially when it comes to the more junglistic "Warriors" on B1.

08. FFF - 24/7 Soundkiller [PRSPCT RVLT]
For the past two decades or so the Dutch Breakcore / DarkJungle producer FFF has provided an endless stream of trackwise goodness to the scene and mashed up many a dance with his expertly cut and crafted amen terror cuts. His latest outing on PRSPCT RVLT is meandering somewhat in between trademark DarkJungle madness and ultrablack, oldskool GangstaJungle paying homage to the early, mid-90s heydays of the genre. Proper stuff.

09. Psy Def X - Psy Def X EP [Klasse Wrecks 024]
Trance is back. The mysterious duo that is Psy Def X provides massive oldskool Trance greatness with the A-side track "Lunar" which mysteriously turns into a balearic Downbeat / Breaks affair towards the very end whilst the flipside caters two more uplifting, fast-paced takes on TechTrance for all the ravers out there.

10. Chris Inperspective - Dragons In The World [Inperspective Records 027]
It's been a while since we've seen a new release by Drum'n'Bass / Choppage legend Chris Inperspective who's delivering four new cuty on limited, multi-layered marble grey vinyl here. Whilst the title track is as complex and atmospheric as slow Intelligent Drum'n'Bass / Choppage can get the other tracks on this EP are surprisingly straight, yet also well deep and perfect fodders for more intimate and advanced club settings within the D'n'B scene.


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