Thursday, August 01, 2019

Super Jazz Sandwich - Plays The Enneagram Vol. 1 [Umland Records 024]

Conceptualism for the win. Based on the slightly esoteric concept of the enneagram, a schematic idea to describe one's personality and personal development the trio named Super Jazz Sandwich, comprised of Flavia Zanuttini, Florian Walter and Umland Records mastermind Simon Camatta, got together to cook up a nine track album resembling the nine steps of the leading concept of the enneagram with each one named after one of the distinct level descriptions of the program. Recorded in a straight one-day session in February, 2k19 the artists combine their musical armoury of trumpet, sax and drums in widely varied ways on this longplayer, starting with the thrilling, driving and slightly BigBeat'ish high speed Jazz of "The Challenger" whereas "The Investigator" engages in a more sparse, minimalistic framework and "The Fearful" acts on a more heralding, theatric and intense note, employing screaming and other non-vocalism techniques alongside a barrage of drum rolls and other technical finesse for the followers of FreeJazz and more expressive, muscular embodiments of the genre. On the other hand "The Individualist" brings forth a multilayered, multi-rhythmic and well complex attitude over its 9+ minutes playtime, "The Lazy" dabbles with a distinct slack going hand in hand with a certain Cool Jazz meets Jazz Noir vibe and "The Enthusiast" indulges in what could be roughly described as Stop Motion FreeJazz with a high dynamic range and a proper sense for experimentalism. Furthermore "The Helper" has got the groove for sure and even reveals a distinct, dancefloor-friendly EthioJazz vibe which makes this our favorite tune on the longplayer whilst "The Reformer" deals with friendly, low-key Ambient Jazz minimalisms and the final cut "The Vain" gets darn hot on the dancefloor again with a classic uptempo swing and highly complex breakdown sequences for the advanced Jazz lover. Check.

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