Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 091]

Incoming via Supersix Records is the recently released, 91st untitled twelve track album put on the circuit by Uelsen's long-time electronic music production staple Sascha Müller. Opening with "Platform 1" we see Mr. Müller embracing a reverberating take on minimalistic, hypnotic, trance-inducing outer space Acid, "Rubbers Go Home" presents an uplifting, yet minimalistic variation of Deep Rave and "Sally Rides The Horse" evokes distant memories of CJ Bolland's happy, frolicking House anthem of yore known as "Camargue" in terms of its sparkling natural happiness. "Schallwellen" brings back the unfiltered 90s positivity of Happy Trance bordering melodic HardTrance whilst "Scharade" weirdly fuses classic, TV Victor'esque Ambient / ChillOut vibes with double time Electro beats and flangered synth motifs  before "Schreitfunktionen" caters a glitched out fusion of hammering, raw, marching Techno beats and percussive backward loops for the most underground bunker parties around. With "Schubumkehr" Sascha Müller presents another raw variation of unprocessed, yet highly funky and functional Techno garnished with remnants of echoes of TechnoJazz,  "Schwingende Elektronen" harks back to ultra-monotonous, highly functional Dark Rave excess and "Sextoys" employs an ear-piercing, stomping and hypermetallic sound aesthetic that makes this tune stick out amongst many other similarly minded Techno tools. Following up is "Shellsea" which fuses Sascha Müller's love for DubTechno with uptempo HardHouse-resembling beats and all embracing melodic pad motifs for those who know, "Shuffle Faktor" weighs in the ultimate bounce in terms of fast-paced, unprocessed Oldskool Techno with a slightly off-kilter, Trance-reminiscent melody whereas the final cut "Sinus Rhythmus" is meandering in between dark'ish AcidTrance and gooey, spiralling Space Acid on a hounded, uptempo path with a tribal'esque twist for a well ecstatic closing.


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