Saturday, October 26, 2019

Meemo Comma - Sleepmoss [Planet Mu Promo]

Just released via the ever busy Planet Mu-imprint on October 25th, 2k19 is "Sleepmoss", the sophomore longplay outing by Brighton-based producer Lara Rix-Martin a.k.a. Meemo Comma who, according to the accompanying promo sheet, was inspired by the shift from British autumn to winter and long walks with her dog throughout this time of the year. This said, the twelve tracks on the approx. 44 minutes spanning album come across as deep and listening oriented as one might guess from the intent state in the description, from the score'esque, melancholia-infused panorama Ambient of the opener "Reaping" to the haunting, ghostly follow up "Night Rain" and the naturalistic, Field Recording-influenced, yet droning "Murmur". With "Tanglewood" we see Meemo Comma starting on a klaxon'esque note only to drift along a calm and peaceful Ambient vibe, the "Winter Sun" is as beauteous as (Neo)Classical referencing score works can get and defo needs to be used in a feature film at some point whereas the "Amethyst Deceiver" is on a darker, scraping and more experimental IDM / Electronica tip and could well fit in a glitchy Illbient set of sorts for a reason. Furthermore "Windross" weighs in a solemn, ritualistic feel for summoning long forgotten hollow earth demons, "Lichen" harks back to frolicking, crystalline (Neo)Cosmic / Synth structures whereas "Meadhead" sticks out as the darkest, most brooding take on the album, sonicalizing the continental plates slowly shifting over aeons whilst adding dramatic snare rolls and undefined, yet haunting DarkJazz bits to the equation later on before finally shifting into soothing, balearic guitar driven minimalisms. The subsequent "Firm" caters a nice contrast between a thundering low end and hovering harmonic pads, the title track "Sleepmoss" enters the world of nervous, stressed and anxious string instruments announcing a nervous breakdown of sorts before the final cut "Psithur" harks back to an innocent, yet crackling naturalistic vibe. Check.


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