Saturday, February 22, 2020

Thomas Köner - Motus [Mille Plateaux Promo]

Big news have it that the legendary 90s Electronica imprint Mille Plateaux is making a come back these days and even bigger news it is that Thomas Köner, one of the imprints original characters both solo and as a part of the duo known as Porter Ricks is aboard the ship again with a new album, "Motus", after the label has been dormant - or only sporadically active - since its original German distributor EFA went haywire and filed for bankcruptcy back in 2004. But here he is, serving an array of eight brand new tracks, closing the gap between his solo work and the subaquatic, ever shifting DubTechno references of Porter Ricks, immediately evoking memories of a time in which sonic research in electronic music actually did mean a journey into unheard, untouched musical terrain, the development and crossing of new borders in sound, the invention of unheard of timescales and structures, the steady, ever so slightly shift of sound mass, no matter if tender and light or visco-plastic and vantablack, the steady deterioration of time and space itself before transcending into a new, higher form of being and consciousness. All these approaches and angles are to be found in "Motus" which defo is one of the true Electronica / Intelligent Techno / IDM albums of our time, yet far removed from and quite singular in comparison to most other releases of what the genre is perceived as today. Therefore only time will tell if this original trueskool take on experimental electronic music will still be recognized and valued as such or if this form of sonic exploration is way beyond the understanding of what the electronic music scene has become in the past 20 years or so.


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