Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Steve Piccolo - Domestic Exile [Mental Experience 029 Promo]

Scheduled to be re-issued as a remastered version via Mental Experience on March 12th, 2k20, actually 38 years after its initial release is "Domestic Exile", the debut solo album by The Lounge Lizards founding member Steve Piccolo. Recorded as a side project whilst splitting his life between a hard working Wall Street daylife and nights spent in the active NYC No Wave / Artschool / PostPunk underground the twelve songs on this roughly 40 minutes spanning longplayer present an intimate, yet captivating and somewhat desolate take on minimalist, somewhat Spoken Word-infused Artschool SynthPop and Leftfield Wave in several aspects reminiscent of the German, mostly Berlin-based, Ingenious Dilletantes-scene, focusing on raw, oftentimes collage'esque experimentalism and cut up rather than the contemporary dancefloors of the times albeit cuts like "Young And Ambitious" are defo moving bodies of certain creatures of the night for a reason whilst "Fast Life" presents a playful take on tempo shiftings caused by warbled, effed up cassette tape, the "Businessman's Lament" indulges in deepest, self-reflective melancholia and capitalist madness, "Superior Genes" result in a sensibility for stripped down, autumnal piano etitudes as well as raw Blues-infused guitar progressions alongside simple, yet beautiful songwriting whereas "I Don't Want To Join A Cult" brings forth a strange, quirky joyfulness in Industrial Daytime Radio Pop just to pick a few tunes out of this highly recommended album. Get.

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