Friday, April 03, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2k20

01. Mega Mos Wanted [Dream Eater 010]
Serious instrumental Grime goodness in here. The four tracks produced and presented by Mega Mos Wanted defo do hark back to the early days of the genre in their stripped down, minimalist and raw production approach paired with catchy crimescene motifs and an undeniably driving dancefloor attitude. File under: stone cold killer riddims.

02. Fifth Era - Part 1 [Forbidden Planet 015]
The Forbidden Planet label comes back for 2020 with a massive special, a re-release of four tracks created between 1997 and 2004 by the legendary project that is known as Fifth Era. Deep, dark and somewhat atmospheric all of these tunes are bordering both Hardcore and Techno, not unlike productions by the Frankfurt's PCP crew or artists like Bazeman or Cherrymoon Trax did in the 90s, and are possibly best described as DarkRave to those in the know. Don't cancel the apocalypse.

03. Jupiter 6 - The Tracking System [A Colourful Storm 017]
Back to an exciting past with two out of the four Jupiter 6 tracks originally released via Greyboy Records back in 1990. Both "Section Two" as well as the title cut "The Tracking System" present a take on electronic dance music way ahead of its time in the amalgamation of classic Bleep Techno and emotional string arrangements alongside captivating melodic elements and the ability to elevate dancefloors to new levels of ecstasy within seconds. Essential.

04. The Mountain People - Mountain 015 [Mountain 015]
This 12" marks nothing less than the return of Minimal Funk. The long forgotten genre once pioneered and spearheaded by Steve Bug's Raw Element label as well as by Poker Flat Recordings throughout its initial years is now revived singlehandedly by the mysterious The Mountain People project, once again stripping House Music down to its very core and absolute essentials whilst adding depth through the careful use of spatiality, melancholy-oozing pads and masterly sculpted synth movements. Essential.

05. Various Artists - Bavarian Stallion Remix Series 2 [RFR 011]
Four tracks, four remixes and a Munich overdose on stamped 12" whitelabel vinyl. Featuring artists like DJ Hell, David Goldberg, Italo Brutalo, Hrdvision, Rydim and quite a few more whilst spanning a musical range from complex, Rave-oriented Techno to uplifting Breakbeat, deep and thrilling Electro / Bass Music crossovers and dark pounding subaquatic Techno for the wee hours on the dancefloor this release caters nothing but quality and therefore is a must have for every lover of electronic underground music out there.

06. Various Artists - Entity VA 002 [Entity London]
UK Garage will never get old. And even two decades after the genres heydays throughout which UKG has most been bubbling in the underground instead of making major waves there's still producers out there who are able to add new angles to the swinging sound of London, continously working on its evolution. With oldtime heroes like Dem 2 on board alongside fresh faces like DJ Gear Hoover, Ingi Visions, Ease Up George, Enrico Martini and others this eleven track compilation released via Entity London focuses on a deep and classy, mostly stripped down late 90s Garage vibe with a modern twist. If you've been following UKG since day dot think of producers like Carl H and tunes like "Kickback" or "Name Brand Girl" and you'll know what you're in for with this one.

07. Bass Junkie / Sons Of Technology - The Bass Academy Vol.5 [The Bass Academy 005]
One for all the breakdancers, b-boys and fly girls out there. Long-standing producer Bass Junkie takes on Man Parrish's uber-classic "Boogie Down (Bronx)" for an excellent overhaul / update remix whereas Sons Of Technology cater a razor sharp Electro cut with dramatic oldskool strings, captivating vocoder vocals and a classic 80s vibe.

08. Surgeon - The Golden Sea [Ilian Tape 043]
Another Anthony Child a.k.a. Tony Surgeon a.k.a. Surgeon masterpiece in terms of proper timeless dancefloor functionality. Especially the A-side spanning title track "The Golden Sea" is tool'ish Broken Techno killer for peaktime action in strobe-lit underground warehouse raves and no-nonsense club environments whereas "Hostages Of The Deep" provides a UK take on Detroit Techno from a basicly subaquatic, drexciyan perspective. Enter machine music.

09. Project Ghost - Fractal Disruption [Aura Expansion]
Project Ghost is a new musical offshoot by Andrew Lagowski a.k.a. Lagowski a.k.a. S.E.T.I. a.k.a. Clans Of The Alphane Moon which debuts with a five track EP release on the Sleepers Records sister- / sub-label known as Aura Expension, presenting a thrilling take on UK Techno and ElectroPhonk for advanced DJs and dancefloors longing for something special and unique in a world flooded with ever samey and boring Preset Techno / TechHouse. Check "The Iridologists Dream" or "Dead Calm" for a deep trip to the realms of retrofuturistic space raves.

10. Mint Huus - Mint Huus EP [Cheezy Crust Records 001]
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