Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Funeral Souvenir - La Noche Del Anhidrido [Verlag System 019 Promo]

Officially re-issued via the boutique imprint Verlag System in February 2k20 is "La Noche Del Anhidrido", the originally 1987-released cassette tape album by electronic music pioneer Miguel Angel Ruiz under the artistic nom de guerre Funeral Souvenir. Considered to be one of the essential Industrial albums ever emerging from Spain the eight tracks plus two digital bonus cuts, produced ona basic minimal set up and directly recorded on tape, still provide a fascinating quality after all these years, a harsh, metallic feel of cold isolation and a dystopian future in combination with uncompromising, merciless rhythm signatures, threatening atmospheres and reprocessed FM frequency recordings alongside an ever captivating, grinding maelstrom of scraping noises and somewhat desolate, computational melodies - especially prevalent in works like "Entre Palidos Muros" whilst pieces like "Miedo Al Cricket" fully indulge in harmonic Ambient Noize vs. Slow Motion Greyscale Techno, "Schlamm" prequels modern early 90s Electronica / IDM by miles, "Gas De Abidjan" brings on super-dry NoizePhonk and "Sequnda Nocha Del Anhidrido" presents pure grinding Illbient evil for those who can take the most vantablack of darkness these days just to pick a few favorites  from the album. A great piece of, not only Spanish, electronic music history unearthed.


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