Sunday, May 03, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2k20

01. baze.djunkiii + Donna Maya - Alien Swamp [Freebreakz.FWD 001]
See announcement post for details...

02. Lagowski - Creepohmski / Time Is An Abyss [Lathe Cut Promo Dub]
A very special treat, this. A limited to 10 copies promotional lathe cut dub featuring two tracks taken off of Lagowski's most recent album "Secret Of Numbers" handed out to a selected crew of DJ's by the longterm electronic music activist and pioneer himself. "Creepohmski" opens with dramatic, spine-tingling string arrangements and evolves into a well haunted Techno piece clearly harking back to the genres early, EBM- and NuBeat-influenced years. On the flipside "Time Is An Abyss" follows a similar path into eternal darkness led by an ever repeating, hypnotic and trance-inducing spoken word sample whilst driving advanced dancefloors crazy with its extended, slow building and ever changing take on complex, yet raw Industrial Electro for late night DJ-sets in concrete underground bunker settings where only the strong-minded survive their trip to a vantablack soulless nirvana.  

03. Al Wootton [Trule 006]
Al Wootton, also known as Deadboy to many, unleashes a beast of a 12" single on the Trule label, employing his real life name for a production effort for the very first time. Paying homage to the golden era of UK Garage Wootton provides a stripped down, swinging, beat complex approach to the genre, focusing on beat science and organic sinewave bass pressure with "Levi" weighing in classic MC lyrics stylewise and all other cuts on this vinyl release oozing with references to classic soundsystem culture, no matter if they're focusing on UKG, present a sweet take on SpeedGarage like "Operator" or even lean towards Dark Garage / Sublow like "Franz". Well proper.

04. The Exaltics & Paris The Black Fu - We Exist (Chapter One) [Solar One Music]
Limited to 578 hand-numbered copies on beautiful picture disc 12" vinyl this collaboration between The Exaltics and Paris The Black Fu of Detroit Grand Pubahs-fame caters an excellent take on classic Electro and sci-fi themed Ambient skits, crossing over into GhettoTech / GhettoBass territories with "The Troublemaker" and eternal, unsettling darkness touched on in "Propaganda DNA" or "We Exist". Get.

05. Kahn & Neek - Every Soundboy Piss Off [Sector 7 Sounds 011]
Kahn & Neek are in for something dark with their latest musical outing put on the circuit via Sector 7 Sounds. Four riddims, all way closer to Grime vibes of the 2004-2006 era than to their usual Dubstep-leaning production focus, are bringing back original crimescene and gangster vibes for all bass music lovers who've been in since day dot. Bangers.

06. RTR - Planet X [Analogical Force 028]
Seeing a new artist making a debut entry to the production circuit with a full on 2xLP vinyl album is a rare occasion these days but the highly active, Madrid-based Analogical Force imprint hasn't been shying away from taking risks ever since their very first release in 2015. And damn it was worth it when it comes to RTR's "Planet X" album from friendly, well-balanced Electronica to glitched out highspeed Drill'n'Bass / IDM with a soft melodic twist each of the eleven cuts on this longplayer is masterly crafted and able to turn highly advanced dancefloors up and down twice within seconds. Defo the strike of a genius and one that will be referred to as one of the major, and possibly majorly underrated, releases of 2k20 by those in the know in years to come.

07. DJ Trace - Twister [Tempo Records]
Long standing Jungle / Drum'n'Bass legend DJ Trace is back with a bang. Limited to 500 hand-numbered silver picture disc 12" copies the two tracks on this release don't care about recent (micro)trends within the D'n'B genre at all but take us straight back to the late 90s / early 2000s with their uncompromising, straight forward twostep beats and nervous hi-hats, growling, apocalyptic low end and beautifully futuristic, somewhat detroit'esque sci-fi string arrangements for a melodic note. Instant classic.

08. Martyn Bootyspoon - No.1 Crush [Model Future 007]
Coming straight outta Montreal / Canada producer Martyn Bootyspoon hits the vinyl circuit with a bang - and four massive tunes which are harking back to the captivating sound of labels like Dance Mania in the first heyday of raw, energetic GhettoHouse whilst weighing in deep melodic influences taking inspiration from DetroitTechno and Hi-Tech Funk.

09. Cesco - Angry Waves [1985 Music 024]
With his first full-on artist EP on 1985 Music Cesco is setting a standard for the sound of Minimal Drum'n'Bass in 2k20. With snares as thinly sculpted as possible and hyper-compressed, yet somewhat muffled low ends in combination with only a few sparsely used additional elements all of the four tracks on this 12" are precision rollers for tool-focused DJs whilst raising the bar in terms of technicality and production value. Call this a blueprint for things to come.

10. 2121 - Vol.4 [2121-04]
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