Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sascha Müller - The Beauty Of Silence [Kein Label In Sicht 002]

Recently released on the highly conceptual art imprint Kein Label In Sicht is Sascha Müller's new cassette album dubbed "The Beauty Of Silence". Limited to six - yes, 6 !!! - hand-numbered copies worldwide the 60 minutes spanning nine track piece featuring titles like "Silence On Silence" or "The Silence Of The World" is taking the term Non-Music seriously, bringing on exactly zero sounds over the entire course of the longplayer apart from a little bit of tape hiss if one cranks the volume up to an ultimate maximum. If one loves pieces like John Cage's "4.33" and feels the need to explore the boundaries of sonic non-stimulation to the extremes this is an interesting, yet rare, piece to start with.

Cassette artwork on Instagram!


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