Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Halftribe - Archipelago [Sound In Silence 073]

Released via the ever active Greek label Sound In Silence on March 16th, 2k20 is "Archipelago", the first ever album created for the imprint by Mancunian producer Ryan Bisett, better known under his artistic guise of Halftribe. Backed by a history of five previous full length albums and a series of EP releases since the Halftribe moniker appeared on the scene in 2014 the 11 tracks on this 44 minutes spanning full length effort reflect on Bisett's Ambient expertise in terms of solemn, measured and slightly blurred harmonies for rainy sunday afternoons mostly built of soft, slowly moving pads, partly in combination with naturalistic, innocent, yet slightly detuned piano melodies evoking memories of tape loop experiments as well as suttle background disturbances consisting of twisted background cracklings or warped bass backings which are most obvious to keen observers in "Broken Dreams" whereas the beauty of phased crackles might be best experienced in comforting cuts like "Drops" or the dreamy, part Oval'esque loop fest that is "Fader". If there's a sonic equivalent of your favorite, most cosy blanket it is this album.

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