Saturday, June 27, 2020

THE D3VI7 - Waschlappen Techno [Sascha Müller Music]

The latest strike from that secretive upcoming producer known as THE D3VI7 has been unleashed via Sascha Müller Music recently as - yes, again... - limited to 10 copies hand-numbered floppy disk edition with each individual floppy being packaged in a washcloth (german: Waschlappen) as a gimmick. Whilst this does explain the tracks name the sound featured on this highly collectible underground item weighs in a well hypnotic, yet slightly muffled dancefloor vibe, meandering in between stripped down, Tribal-infused Techno and banging, progressive-leaning TechHouse with a captivating synth motif informed by the seemingly forgotten WildPitch attitude of endless, ever so slightly moving mid-90s House bangers coming straight outta Windy City Chicago and all that. Instant classic.

Floppy artwork on Instagram!


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