Wednesday, June 24, 2020

User06448323114 - Gas EP [User Recordings 002 Promo]

The next release put out onto the digital circuit via the fresh imprint User Recordings is the "Gas EP", this time created by User064448323114 - whoever might be hidden behind this cryptic alias. Exploring a "Gas Planet" with the opening tune we're entering an outerworldy, kinda gaseous and misty atmopshere driven by ever morphing, spooky sonic curtains and high frequency click rhythms accompanied by rather dark and desolates drones whilst "Fire It Up" hits the gas pretty quickly with hard stomping, precisely sculpted RaveTechno vibes, hefty claps and captivating, Hardcore- / Gabba-leaning melodies for large scale warehouse raves of yore before breaking down in a super cliche, commercial yet sneaky and epicly uplifting way. This tune's a winner for sure.


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