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baze.djunkiii Charts 08/2k20

01. Foul Play - Origins [Sneaker Social Club]
100% essential UK Hardcore artist compilation album. All lovers of early 90s Breakbeat will be familiar with the essential contribution of Foul Play to the scene yet shelling out close to or even three digit prices for original pressings of cuts like "Finest Illusion", "Ricochet *Remix" or the massive anthem that is "Dubbing You" might be a little far fetched for many DJs out there. So Sneaker Social Club decided to have our backs and put all of these plus a few more out  on 2x12" vinyl for 2k20. Don't miss out  on this.

02. Jamie XX - Idontknow [Young Turks]
This is a yes. And a no. Jamie XX pulls off the stunt of releasing a super fascinating and unique piece of Future Tribal meets Bass Music meets Future Soul sporting captivating non-voccalisms on one-sided 12" whitelabel vinyl which is able to tear advanced dancefloors apart as soon as the main beat sets in after the stuttering slo-mo intro is over but ruins the fun for DJ's with its way too tight and way too sticky plastic sleeve which hardly ever releases the record from its grip without a fight. Why, though?

03. Tuff Tunes - Volume 1 [Tuff Tunes Records]

Darkside is back. The two cuts on this 12" are exploring the darker side of UK Hardcore / Breakbeat from a contemporary angle and bring forth all the sample madness, scratches and rave signals we loved about this style in the first place - a.k.a. the early 90s when the so-called 'ardcore continuum emerged from the thriving electronic music scene of those days. We're in.

04. Subtle Houzze - Controversy EP [Running Back Double Copy 005]

Back to 1992 with this one when the unlikely pairing of House hero Boris Dlugosch and later HardTrance legend to be Gerald Malke a.k.a. Gary D. joined forces under their conjunctional moniker Subtle Houzze. Now re-released via Running Back Double Copy with the first repress run on green vinyl the four cuts on this one are still as uplifting as they used to be, fusing positive and playful House vibes with elements of ProtoTrance to a great effect and result. Classic.

05. Sidewider Business [Newham Wax 002]

Quite a mysterious one-sided 12" whitelabel which pairs original stepping mid-90s Jungle vibes with soundsystem sirens and deep atmospheres as well as vocal samples seemingly taken from either original rave or pirate radio tapes. One contemporay release for all them original junglists out there.

06. Butch - Joe Le Taxi [PUSS 20202]

Quite an adventurous bootleg, this. Renowned electronic music producer Butch rolls out a pumping, floor moving take on lively, ever evolving peak time Acid for heaving crowds and infuses the whole thing with the innocent vocals of Vanessa Paradis' 1987 smash "Joe Le Taxi" for a change. What might sound quite cringy and obscure in the first moment turns out to be a highly functional fusion and a massive club banger that comes at us on stamped 10" whitelabel vinyl.

07. Anthony Rother - Machine [Omnidisc 023]

Anthony Rother is Anthony Rother is Anthony Rother. The master of quality, stripped down Electro is back with three more tense and spine-tingling cuts which once again define timelessness within this genre for 2k20. Plus - there's an excellent brooding, low end heavy 4/4 based Techno cut on here as well.

08. Abdul - Falkenburg [Ace Tone Records 001]

Dub business is 7" business and therefore it is a well logical conclusion for the Ace Tone Records crew to launch their new label with a limited to 100 copies 7" single, bringing forth a well seductive approach to forward thinking Dub music which is especially prevalent in the title cut "Falkenburg" its captivating sweet little main motif whereas the two cuts on the flipside are in for a darker, heavier and more experimental Dub vibe slightly reminiscent of the works of Adrian Sherwood and the likes of.

09. Various Artists - 3 Feet Deep 002 [3 Feet Deep Records 002]

The second 12" released by the relatively fresh 3 Feet Deep Records imprint weighs in tracks produced by Pepe Elle, Main Phase, Ollie Rant and ZeroFG, all representing a new wave of UK Garage with a dark side swing. Stripped down, complex, low end heavy and only one small step away from Dark Garage and Sublow for those who know. Especially watch out for ZeroFG's "Heavy Rain" with it's spine-thrilling little main motif that could be taken from a classic 80s horror flic for a reason.

10. 2121 - Vol.7 [2121-07]

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