Friday, July 31, 2020

Federico Calcagno - Liquid Identities [Aut Records 064]

Put out on the album circuit via Berlin's Aut Records imprint as the labels 064 on June 1st, 2k20 is this eight tracks spanning debut album by Federico Calcagno's Amsterdam-based quintet Liquid Identities which is comprised of its musical mastermind performing alongside fellow musicians Jose Soares, Adrian Moncada, Pau Sola Masafrets and Nick Thessalonikefs. Drawing inspiration from Jazz and Improv as well Contemporary Classical and South Indian Carnatic Music the group opens the doors into their sonic world with "Modernity", a swinging, uplifting, well lively and - sic! - modern take on Contemporary Jazz whilst the follow up "Road To Koog" seems to be on a deeper, classy and crooning late night tip for those who know before slowly moving on with crystal clear piano and sax improvisations over decent, yet ever complex background drums. Defined by these two anchor cuts the Liquid Identities quintet caters more classy deepness paired with seductive and sample-worthy grooves in tunes like "Melting Nostalgia", playful, smokey late night vibes with our favorite cut "Disruptive Innovations" which is touching base with JazzNoir at times whilst providing an intense mixture of experimental Contemporary Classical composition and erupting, ever thundering FreeJazz / Improv with the closing tune "There Was A Rhythm" just to name a few. Check.

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