Thursday, September 17, 2020

Faction - The End Of Tel Aviv Redux [False Industries 030 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via False Industries on September 11th, 2k20 is "The End Of Tel Aviv Redux", a re-imagined, remastered and reworked version of the 2004 Neo Ouija-released album "The End Of Tel Aviv" crafted and created by Faction, a duo comprised by now False Industries mastermind Yair Etziony and his production partner Rani. Revisiting their seminal album which sparked the rise of an experimental, yet kinda short-lived Electronica micro-scene in Israel after its initial release, carefully tweaking the aesthetics and revamping the albums tracklist with the addition of previously unreleased versions and tracks as well the total removal of songs previously featured on the initial version Faction are taking us back to the warm and welcoming IDM / Electronica sound of the early 2000s from the very first cut "Inside Out" onwards, providing a well familiar, cozy and comforting feel with their soft, ever morphing pads and melodies as well as masterly shaped and sculpted digital beat structures which personally evoke memories of our long-defunct, yet long running radio show "Die Nachtschwestern" on FSK / Hamburg as well as loads of musically wonderful nights spent at the former local hotspot for experimental electronic music named Astrastube around the time this album was originally released. Further recommendations: the deep, somewhat dubbed out minimalism of "Cutter's Way", the touching, emotional melancholia of "An Old Outland" as well as the soft, crystalline yet advanced dancefloor-focused swing of "Heavy Clouds" and the haunting, spatial (Dark)Ambient exercise of the concluding cut that is "Empty Beacon" just to name a few. Essential goodness.


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