Sunday, September 13, 2020

Pitch! - Hit It *Afflicted Here We Are Remix [Afflicted In Techno 002F Promo]

Another new player on the digital circuit is the label Afflicted In Techno which recently released "Pitch! - Hit It *Afflicted Here We Are Remix" as a fresh one track single. The rework crafted by Uelsen-based duo Afflicted, comprised of Sascha Müller and Ufuk Özbayar a.k.a. P.T.B.S, is on a well hard hitting, psyched out Techno tip based on hefty, reverb-heavy bassdrums and a variety of shrieking, braincell quenching signals alongside a pumping midrange synth line and hypnotic, repetetive vocal samples for peak time Business Techno floors before shifting gears for an exploration of more Hardcore leaning realms.


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