Saturday, September 19, 2020

Sascha Müller feat. Nora W - World Of Life [Electrolux Real Musiq 013 Promo]

Released on the digital circuit via South African imprint Electrolux Real Musiq on August 21st, 2k20 as the labels 013 is "World Of Life", the latest collaborational effort of producer Sascha Müller and vocalist Nora W which seemingly attempt to take on Vaporwave on this one, at least according to the track / edit names. With "Feel My Love *Vaporwave Edit" the duo caters warm, all and ever embracing analog  bass waves alongside classic, yet time-stretched slow motion breakbeats for a dreamlike, washed out DrugBient / AbsinthHop experience before "Get Into My Life *Vaporwave Edit" presents a spooked out, fever'ish hyperslow 4/4 foundation paired with dubby basslines, beautifully tripping pads and outerworldy whispers for peak time abuse in ketamine heavy WitchHouse raves. This one is special.


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