Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Andreas Davids - Isolation [Mahorka]

Fresh for 2k21 is "Isolation", the latest cassette tape album put out on the circuit by German producer Andreas Davids - better known by many for his HardTechno / EBM / Industrial leaning works under the artistic guise of Xotox. Recorded and realised under his real name in a rehabilitation situation in 2k20 and released via the long standing Mahorka label the album is comprised of two tracks, each of them rolled out over course of an entire side of the cassette and described by the artist himself as deeply personal compositions. With "Klinik" on the A-side being a 2k21 blueprint for Cold- / Greyscale- / Desolation Ambient we're facing a deeply and intendedly bleak soundscape dominated by static background noise and echoes of icy winds blown over from distanced, barren plains whilst a lonely echolocation source is in search of answers hidden by poisonous mists whereas "Wald" on the flip side represents the darker, brooding and somewhat threatening side of the sonic spectrum, an ever moving state of unrest, a fluttering, intense observation of growling inner demons fighting and wrestling for dominance, renegotiating a chaotic hierarchy of sorts, duelling atop of ever shifting continental low end masses whilst moving slowly to the faint rhythm of ever beating wooden percussions hidden deep within the mix. A truly vantablack journey, this.


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